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Root and Soil Restoration

When a tree is in decline, we tend to look up to find the issue when it is often right beneath our feet. Soil compaction and improper tree depth are often the "root" of the problem. 

How does soil compaction occur?

Soil compaction typically occurs from excessive foot or vehicle traffic in the root zone, but it can also be caused by machinery or livestock.

Why is soil compaction harmful?

Soil compaction lowers the soil's drainage, makes soil denser, and reduces nutrient availability, which can slowly kill a tree's roots and eventually cause the decline of your tree.

How is soil compaction fixed?

JP's uses an arborist tool called an air spade to remove all excess layers of dirt surrounding the root zone, until the tree root flares are exposed. Then, we disturb the entire root zone with our air spade at a depth of 6-12 inches to reduce soil compaction.  Restoring the balance between soil and air in the ground allows for healthy growth once again.


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